Monday, July 23, 2007

Minisites As Affiliate Marketing Selling Tools

By Luis Galarza, Affiliate Marketing Secrets Blog.

Are You Using Mini-sites As Affiliate Marketing Tools?

If not, you need to start right away... Mini-sites are not just for those online marketers selling information products or downloadable software or applications, affiliate marketers can also use mini-sites as powerful selling tools.

The process is very simple just create a good guide with quality content targeting a specific niche and them promote relevant associate programs through out the information (don't over do it), also use recommendation or resource boxes at the end of each topic with link to quality products (no more than 3), you can also add Google Adsense to the site for even more ways of monetizing your virtual real estate.

You can also use this mini-site or landing page technique by recommending or promoting only one affiliate program or product per site. but, it works better when you can recommend a couple merchants that selling the same or similar product but are offering different prices, bonus, or benefits.

For example; If you are promoting an Internet marketing ebook, you can also recommend some related books from

I don't recommend you to use a blog for this type of promotions, but if you have no money you can still use this technique by creating a Squidoo lense or site. Squidoo lenses are easy to rank high on top search engines like Google, just follow the instructions and you will be up running in less than 20 minutes.

Another choice is Microsoft Office Basic, which give you a free web site and a free paid domain name. You will need a free MSN or Hotmail email account to get your MS Office Basic site, plus you need a credit card just for processing.

Start promoting and boost your affiliate commissions today with mini-sites...

For more information advanced techniques click here.

To Your Success,

Luis Galarza and Anna Phommatham, Affiliate Marketers.

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